Balanced Bonnie
Balanced Bonnie

Name: Balanced Bonnie
Occupation: Hairdresser
Hobbies: Gardening, home improvement shows
Motto: : “Moderation is key.”


Part I


Financial Strategy: Bonnie learned about excess the hard way: 10 years ago Bonnie nearly lost her job and hairdressing license due to excessive partying with a wild crowd and experimenting with meth and cocaine. Taking a friend to the emergency room for a drug overdose was the wakeup call she needed, and since then she has been clean and sober.

Bonnie has also been much more careful with her money: for a while there, all her cash had gone to support the partying lifestyle and “loans” to these “friends” who never paid her back. She now has excellent credit, makes regular deposits into her growing savings account, and puts half her weekly tip money into her outdoor hot tub fund. Over the past several years Bonnie has cultivated a different set of friends, and with these she can have an occasional ladies night out, a shopping trip, or a relaxed conversation.

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