Savings Sam
Savings Sam

Occupation: Factory Worker
Hobbies: All New York
sports teams
Motto: "A penny saved is a penny earned!"


Part I

Savings Sam

Financial Strategy: Sam has always had a job, starting with his first paper route as a kid. Sam’s parents had taught him about always “paying yourself first”, so a portion of his earnings have always gone in the bank. His needs were modest, and following his favorite teams with his buddies and a couple beers was his passion. A few years ago, Sam was laid off due to factory closure, and his drinking escalated to the point of his wife insisting he get help for his alcohol problem. He started going to AA and had a few relapses in the first few months. He decided he needed more support and enrolled in an outpatient treatment program, was re-hired when his factory was reopened by a new company, and just celebrated a year of sobriety.

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