Impulsive Ian
Impulsive Ian

Occupation: Construction Worker
Hobbies: Mountain biking, video gaming
Motto: "Buy now, pay later!"


Part I

IanFinancial Strategy: Ian works in a seasonal field that runs hot and cold---he can be very busy making great money (plus overtime!), or he can be stranded without work or pay for weeks at a time. Not one to plan ahead, he usually spends his money as he makes it, and is often stuck borrowing from family and friends to get through the lean times. Last year he was seriously injured in a mountain biking accident, and during his lengthy hospitalization and rehab, became dependant upon the prescription pain medication. He struggled with this on his own, but once winter arrived and the work---and the money---was not there any more, he woke up one morning and checked himself into a treatment program in hopes he could get off the meds for good.  He completed the treatment program six months ago and is still in physical therapy, working at odd jobs when he can. He is still unable to resume his mountain biking and is struggling with lots of free time on his hands.

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