The Scenario
Your favorite band is going on tour for the first time in 10 years. However, tickets are very expensive. Do you go to the show?
Sam Savings Sam

Savings Sam

Since I got back to work,
I have been pretty regularly depositing $10.00. from each paycheck into a special savings account at my credit union. This is exactly the kind
of “special event” I have been saving for, so yes, definitely,
I am going and taking
my wife, too!

Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie

I could take the money out of my hot tub fund, but I am so close to my goal that I am almost ready to set the installation date, so unless some big unexpected tips come my way, I will not be going to the concert. I think I’ll stay home and play all my old albums!

Ian Impulsive Ian

Impulsive Ian

I have no money for a ticket today. Maybe I can ask around and see if any of my old buddies are going and would like to spot me a ticket.


Part I

Developing a recovery oriented way of managing money can be a challenge. Money may have been a trigger for using/abusing substances. Learning how to spend wisely or save money without it becoming a relapse trigger may take some careful attention. Alternatively, all of your money may have gone to substance use or perhaps you used to gamble as a way of getting money to buy drugs or alcohol. Now in recovery, it may be difficult to know how to use the money that once had been used for your addiction to meet responsibilities as well as to have fun in a way that supports your recovery.

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