The Scenario

How do you define gambling?

Sam Savings Sam

Savings Sam
I wasn’t really thinking about this, but I guess my fantasy football league could be considered gambling.
Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie
I don’t consider myself a gambler, but I will go to the casino for a night out with my girlfriends.
Ian Impulsive Ian

Impulsive Ian

Life’s a gamble!


Part I

Gambling Is: The act of risking something of value, including money and property, on an activity that has an uncertain outcome. Gambling does not solely take place in a casino. Examples of gambling include:

Problem Gambling: Gambling behavior that results in problems with work, school, family or finances, but does not meet the number of criteria to be recognized as the more serious diagnosis of “compulsive/pathological gambling”.

What People in Recovery Need to Know about the Impact of Gambling

(Source: State of Ct Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Problem gambling Services, 2012)

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