The Scenario
Have you ever fallen on hard times due to excessive gambling?
Sam Savings Sam

Savings Sam
I have not. I purchase lottery tickets so rarely and hardly go to the casino. If I do, it's usually for a show, with no gambling involved.
Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie
When I was younger, I got caught up in playing too much on the slot machines on my birthday. I ended up making some risky bets that did not pay off. If I hadn't received money that year as a birthday gift, I would have been in trouble.
Ian Impulsive Ian

Impulsive Ian
I have run into problems more than once. I learned the hard way that trying to pay off current debts by gambling more does not work. I ended up in credit counseling, but I still find myself falling into my old ways. I hope I can find some help soon.

Part I

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