The Scenario
Who handles the money in your household?
Sam Savings Sam

Savings Sam
"I sit and reconcile transactions every Sunday night. It is a nice feeling to begin each week with a clean slate, knowing you're right on track."
Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie
"My husband usually tracks things, but I know where everything is. We are very open and make sure we both know where things stand at all times."
Ian Impulsive Ian

Impulsive Ian
"It's my son's job to pay the big stuff, like rent, utilities and other necessary expenses. He took things over a few years back. He doesn't like when I stick my nose in things... but I'm sure he handles everything just fine."


Part I

Sometimes, older adults enlist family members to assist in managing their finances. While it can be a relief to have someone close to you there for assistance, it is a good idea to keep yourself informed.

Financial Fraud

It is important to understand some of the risks involved in entrusting others to manage your finances. Older adults are often the target of various forms of financial fraud.

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