Ian Impulsive Irene

Impulsive Ian
Name: Impulsive Irene
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Hobbies: Scrapbooking and playing computer games
Motto: "Buy now, pay later!"


Part I


Financial Strategy: Irene was laid off last year and has been working at a series of part-time jobs. Her income ebbs and flows, and it is difficult for her to plan ahead for when work is slow and there is less money coming in.

Irene has multiple credit cards that are maxed out, and she usually makes the minimum payment due. She often purchases lottery tickets in hopes of 'hitting it big' and being financially set for life.

As an impulsive spender, Irene often purchases new clothes as soon as she does get paid, instead of paying down her current debts. She's spent hundreds of dollars on the latest technology for her smartphone and computer, much of which was not necessary.

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