What's the Scenario?
Do you ever buy clothing or accessories out of your price range in order to fit in?
Sam Savings Samantha

Savings Sam
"I try not to pay too much attention to others. Sometimes I may get the urge to buy a pricey handbag, but I remind myself that I'd much rather take a nice vacation soon."
Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie
"I will admit to sometimes buying into trends. However, I know that they don't last, so I tend to invest in basics, while spending less on 'trendy' items."
Ian Impulsive Irene

Impulsive Ian
It's not out of my price range if I have the money, right?."

Part I

Situational Vulnerability
Have you ever found yourself looking to 'keep up with the Jones''? You may be feeling social pressure to have the nicest clothing and accessories to fit in with others. Maybe you've felt pressured into participating in countless office pools in an effort to win the lottery jackpot. These are a few examples of situations which can pressure you into making financial decisions you're not comfortable with.

Emotional Vulnerability
Sometimes, emotions can override rationality when it comes to spending money. Many women use a bad day or going through a negative experience as an excuse to engage in 'retail therapy'. Life can be stressful for women who are constantly expected to take care of children or even their parents as they reach older age. Others may splurge in celebration of an achievement. Read on for examples.

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