What's the Scenario?
What's your best piece of gambling advice?
Sam Savings Samantha

Savings Sam
"Only play if you know where your money is going. I am okay taking a chance on raffles if I know the proceeds are going to a good cause. I'd rather not throw money away fueling big businesses only looking to profit."
Bonnie Balanced Bonnie

Balanced Bonnie
"Scratch tickets are very expensive pieces of paper. Nobody ever wins big on those. If you're going to go play at the casino - leave your credit card at home!"
Ian Impulsive Irene

Impulsive Ian
"Go big or go home... if there's no risk, there certainly is no reward."

Part I

Limit the time you play: Before you go in, plan what time you're going to leave the casino, and stick to it. It may help to set an alert to go off on your cell phone. Casinos purposely do not have clocks inside; they want you to lose track of time and continue gambling.


Play with what you are comfortable risking: The odds are in both the lottery and gaming commission's favor. Before placing a bet, purchasing a lottery ticket or signing up for bingo - come up with a fixed amount of money you are able to lose without stretching beyond your means. Once your losses have reached this amount, you know it's time to stop taking the gamble.

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